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About Us

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing advocacy, information and training to enable people with disability to promote and exercise their rights and to understand their responsibilities.

Ability Incorporated Advocacy Service

Ability Inc was formed in February 1990 to advocate for people with disability. Ability Inc is funded by the Australian government Department of Social Services (DSS) and NSW Ageing, Disability and Homecare (ADHC). Our competent and experienced staff all have extensive training and experience with working with people with disability.  We are constantly updating our knowledge and skills by attending regular education sessions and inter-agency meetings. We have a management committee made up of people with disability. 

What is Advocacy?

  • Advocacy is speaking, writing or acting on behalf of another person
  • Advocacy is standing by someone
  • Advocacy is going into bat for another person
  • Advocacy is being on your side and no-one else's

Ability Inc promotes, protects and advances the rights of people with disability

Advocating for people with disability